About Us

Our Story

With invaluable experience in strategy, ideation, through the line marketing, as well as a sizeable number of collaborations with global brands, we bring a breath of fresh air in the creative marketing space, offering Strategy, Through The Line, Social Media and Experiential Marketing in a way that tells your stories through our African eyes.

Chief Operations Officer

Malenah Bapela


Ashley Raphala

Chief Creative Officer

Hussain Van Roos

Our Evolution

Just Exists is the brainchild of the team and stems from an insatiable desire to tell genuine African stories for brands through the young and fresh, African creative community.

Who do
we serve?

We are here to offer brands of any scale our creative and unique services in ensuring that your story and voice is told in a way that brings a fresh narrative thus balancing out your marketing and price mix, whilst focusing on growing the creative economy with our carefully curated collaborations with undiscovered and know Local creatives.



We weave your brand into the daily lives of your consumer by showing them what they missed about your brand/product, whilst exposing you to a broader network of young and local creatives across the continent.